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Director's Welcome

Engr. Jaime A. Paco, PEE

It is my pleasure to welcome you in our website.

Since 2012, we have been working with different companies, universities and organizations nationwide by giving them quality and affordable education, training & various engineering services. We now have roughly 2,500 full-fledged graduates and successful engineering practitioners. Due to the rapid technological advancements, expect more advance programs our team will be launching soon. Our company is ready to help and provide you and your company's needs in in the field of engineering. I look forward to welcoming you to Impedanz ERTC/ Impedanz Review Center as a student, a colleague, a friend or a visitor. Enhance your knowledge and skills with us!

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Our Vision


To be the leading center of excellence in educating graduates and 

professionals in their quest for career advancement through effective review and training programs.  

To be the leading company in the field of Electrical/ Mechanical/ Electronics Construction, Power System Analysis, and Electrical/ Mechanical/ Electronics Consultancy. 

Our Mission

To help graduates and professionals in achieving their goals by passing the assessments/ board exam and to develop their full potentials as skilled and upright individuals. 

To provide Quality Services in the field of Electrical/ Mechanical/ Electronics Engineering and Consultancy. 

Our Commitment to You

Area of Expertise


To achieve your desired results, our development effort extends beyond our facility. We provide your development needs for continuous improvement and sustainability. 

To achieve high-Quality Services in the field of Electrical, Mechanical & Electronics Engineering and Consultancy. 

  • Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical & Electronics)

  • Training & Development 

  • Review 

  • Consultancy

Some of Our Partner & Clients

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